Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What do people without ambitions do with their lives

I've worked with a lot of people over the years. People who are ambitious within their careers, those who have ambitions outwith their day jobs, and those who just want to see their dreams realised through their kids.

I'm in the former camp. Not too career ambitious, but realise I'll need to get to a certain level and earn a certain salary if I want to retire early...preferably in the sun.

What I've come across recently though, are people who don't fall into any of the above categories. I've worked in very corporate environments before, and have moved to a smaller (but still fairly large) multinational. The people I'm taking about come to work, Do their 9-5 and tick the necessary boxes to get by (sometimes), have no desire to succeed in outside interests and will never have kids. Their interests outside of work tend to be limited to menial things, like playing football on the playstation, or growing plants.

I just can't reconcile it. To wake up 365 days a year for 75 years with nothing. No ambition. No passions. No plan. This isn't about being organised or having the skillset required to succeed, it's just about wanting something in future....whatever that is.

Maybe God should have one of those Raptures after all, but instead of dooming man, he should just take out the pointless ones and leave the rest of us to do what we do, till we kill off civilisation or whatever the hippies reckon the effects of Global Warming, Nuclear Power etc is supposed to be doing to us.

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Chuckles said...

'What do people without ambitions do with their lives?'

From the available evidence, I'd say 'live in the UK' about covers it?