Tuesday, 24 May 2011

This is it

This'll be my first blog ever then. Where to start. So many things annoy me. Let's start with super injunctions and the unidentified footballer. Seems to me he lives his life in the public eye, shags around and then uses his not-so-hard-earned's to buy a lawyer who uses law developed for the HRA so he doesn't need to face the consequences.

What a knob. Man up and take responsibility for your actions. That's what's wrong with Britain nowadays - people think they can do what they want and when the shit hits the fan they can run from it.

In my mind the unidentified footballer is no different from a smackhead who cuts his arm open, breaking into your house and tries to sue. Man up


Mark Wadsworth said...


I'm in a generous mood so I've promoted you to my top twelve 'blogroll, subject to being demoted again when the fancy takes me.

rogueboy said...

Cheers. No pressure then!